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  • La Fuente Lavender

    Senior Care

    is a welcoming home for
    all seniors,
    regardless of race,
    sexual orientation,
    ethnicity, gender,
    religion, political beliefs
    or affiliations and the like.

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  • It is a welcoming and tolerant home

    for elderly people looking for the love, dignity, respect, comfort and care they deserve.

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  • We speak 3 languages

    (English, Spanish and Tagalog)

    and cater to American, Hispanic and Filipino/Asian cultures to make the stay of your loved ones with us truly remarkable.

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We are not your facility. We are your home.

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Welcome to your home.

Why us?

Personalized and resident-centered care.

Medication management.

    Regular observation of the resident's

    physical and mental condition.

A planned activities program.